• Sell your home for only £460 (inc VAT)

    One upfront cost. Marketed until sold. No selling fee. No hidden charges

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  • £240 (inc VAT) upfront. £600 (inc VAT) upon Sale

    No hidden charges. Property marketed until sold. No further marketing fees.

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Option 1
£460 inc VAT upfront. £0 selling fee
Option 2
£240 inc VAT upfront. £600 inc VAT selling fee

The cost-efficient way to sell your
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    Create a new listing by filling out the property detail form and payment details. No payment is taken at this point.

  • 2


    We will contact you to verify your identity to allow us to submit the property.

  • 3


    We will then ask you to verify the property listing and confirm submission. Payment will then be taken.

  • 4


    The property will be listed on the top property portals in the country ensuring maximum exposure of your property.

  • 5


    We will update you with any progress with your property and be on hand until completion of sale.

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