Always at the forefront of performance and technology, we are one of the fastest-growing Estate Agency firms in the UK. We are not only committed to providing extraordinary service and exceptional results within our market but also to remaining years ahead of the industry.

Our proposition is simple, to offer an inexpensive alternative to the existing High Street Estate Agents whilst delivering an unprecedented level of service to you the client.

How do we achieve this? Firstly we are estate agents with many years ‘of experience and have realised that the market has now changed to a point where the justification for high fee’s is no longer viable.

With this in mind we use the latest technologies to assist in the selling of your home backed up with the required skills that are needed to get you the best price and prompt sale.

We strongly believe that online estate agents will become the norm rather than the exception and look forward to being your number one choice.

Almost overnight, the Internet's gone from a technical wonder to a business must

Bill Schrader